Charlotte, Winston Salem and Hickory Custom Mosaic

What is a mosaic? Mosaic is a general term referring to a picture or design created out of many tesserae, small chip like pieces, historically used for the creation of art but now commonly used for interior and exterior decoration and protection. Mosaic images can be made of almost any material and you have almost certainly come across mosaic images. For instance, the pictures you see of a person or object made out of other tiny pictures is a mosaic; where the tesserae are those miniscule photos. For construction design purposes the tesserae are usually made of colored glass, stone, ceramic or mirror.

Mosaic creations for decorations used to make home and business owners apprehensive because it would take a fair amount of time to place and set each individual piece. Nowadays this process has been streamlined as many mosaic patterns come in sheets or squares that take not that much longer than installing traditional tiles. Expert Tile And Marble Inc. is the Hickory expert when it comes to installing any of the material we service and we guarantee an efficient installation time.

We have many mosaic patterns ready-to-go to quickly enhance the look of your Hickory home or business. However, we also have the ability to create custom designs for our Hickory clients. Our in house team of artists and designers can create personalized mosaic pieces to represent you or your company. We can craft your company logo into a beautiful floor or wall design or make a unique piece to put in your bathroom or den.

We invite you to look at the rest of our website to see all the possibilities Expert Tile And Marble Inc. has to offer the people of Hickory.