Charlotte, Winston Salem and Hickory Additional Services

Terrazzo, Tile, Mosaic and Marble Care, Refinish and Protection

Whether you had the work done by Expert Tile And Marble Inc. or not, we can help protect you and your investment by applying a variety of different finishes. Terrazzo, tile, mosaic and marble are reliable materials for their durability and water resistance but smooth surfaces can become slippery when wet if they do not have anti-slip protection. This is especially important for bathrooms, kitchens and water fountain areas as water will inevitably end up on the floor.

Some products may already have imbedded polymers or waxes on them which have worn down overtime. Before placing a new finish or protective barrier on your projects it is important to remove the old protections to ensure that the new protection adheres properly. This can be a long and arduous task for a do-it-yourselfer. Especially when there are very specific methods needed depending on the protection product and the material it will adhere to. Give Expert Tile And Marble Inc. a call to have your Charlotte terrazzo, tile, mosaic and marble perform at peak condition.

Terrazzo Repair and Restoration

Terrazzo is prized for its longevity and look but eventually everything needs a bit of a touch up. Enough foot traffic over time can remove the protective resin in areas and if it gets deep enough it can start to break up the design underneath. For terrazzo that does not have the protective coating the small pieces of tile or stone can become dislodged leaving the look uneven and unappealing. Expert Tile And Marble Inc. can repair and restore your Charlotte terrazzo back to the day it was first made.

If you are no longer happy with your Charlotte terrazzo then Expert Tile And Marble Inc. can help with that as well. We can remove the old terrazzo and make a full restoration of the area. We can recreate the old pattern with a new color system if desired or do a full restoration with a new design and treatment. If you are unsure of what procedure you wish to have that is not a problem at all. We will come to your establishment and assess the state of your terrazzo- giving you a free estimate for different levels of repair and restoration.

Terrazzo Floor Polishing

Has your terrazzo lost the luster that it once had? Foot traffic and pollution will inevitably tarnish the look of your terrazzo, removing its shine. The terrazzo experts at Expert Tile And Marble Inc. can bring your terrazzo back to its former glory.

Because there is a special lacquer or resin over most terrazzo the restoration process is not as simple as just applying a polish. If the resin has chipped or cracked then it should be repaired before polishing to make sure that the job is done right.

Basement or several floors of a building we can restore the sheen of your terrazzo efficiently and at a cost effective price. The terrazzo of your Charlotte home or business does not have to look dull and faded; call Expert Tile And Marble Inc. today for a free estimate.

Mosaic Repair

Mosaics are beautiful additions to any space but over time those little tiles (tesserae) can fall off, crack or fade. Expert Tile And Marble Inc. is here for the people of Charlotte to make sure that their mosaics stay pristine. Outdoor pathways, flooring, wall tiling or custom mosaic pieces the experts at Expert Tile And Marble Inc. have you covered. We have a gigantic supply of different mosaic tiles in stock so we will almost definitely have the materials to restore your mosaic project. Our skilled craftspeople will match the missing or broken pieces perfectly and cut them to the exact shape of the precious pieces.

If your mosaic has faded overtime we can restore the look with a top notch restoration process or if you have become fond of the more rustic appearance your mosaic has taken on, we can acquire custom faded color pieces to match its current appeal.

Whatever the condition of your mosaic pattern; give us a call and we will give you a free estimates on the repair cost.

Tile Repair

Want to remove the tiles in a space to make way for a new project? Expert Tile And Marble Inc. is an expert in the installation and the removal of tiles. Tiles are great at protecting a floor, wall or backsplash but when installed properly they are made to last. Because of this removing tiles can be quite difficult. Besides the tile itself, there is also and undercoating which must be removed before any new work can begin, which can take a fair amount of sanding, chiseling and grinding.

We have all the necessary state-of-the-art equipment to make the space ready as quickly as possible. Our staff is experienced in all forms of tile removal and we can give you an accurate estimate for price and the time it will take. Don’t settle for anything but the best; call Expert Tile And Marble Inc. to assist you with your Charlotte projects today!